Välkommen till Waasa Graphics! Vi jobbar ännu med översättningarna till våra nya svenskspråkiga sidor. Vi beklagar dröjsmålet! För mera info på svenska, vänligen kontakta oss på telefonnummer +358 (0)20 7310 420 eller per e-post till info@waasagraphics.fi.

Guaranteed quality

Our highly dedicated staff will always be ready to respond to any of your unique service requests. We’ll make sure that your quality requirements are fulfilled. Whether it’s a small or large print job, our professional staff bring the best skills to every job.

We always glue our paperback books with the most resilient PUR adhesive available. PUR adhesive makes the book’s spine much more durable than books glued with normal EVA adhesive. The spine of a PUR-bound book is also very thin and this not only gives the book a neat appearance, but also improves its usability, as the book can be opened completely and remains open on the table without compromising the durability of the spine.

Waasa Graphics is also a reliable printing house, when it comes to printing hardback books.

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