Waasa Graphics is a Nordic Swan awarded printing house

Waasa Graphics Oy has been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel, the Nordic Swan. The label reflects our company’s long-term and committed work to reduce the environmental impact of our printing operations.

We are aware of our responsibility for the environment in which we operate. We want to do our part by choosing ecologically sustainable solutions and preferring partners who are committed to environmentally sustainable values. For many years, our environmental responsibility has been based on the zero waste principle. Together with our customers and suppliers, we strive to continuously save energy and reduce the emissions and waste associated with our printing operations – to minimise our environmental footprint.

The Nordic Swan label signifies that our printing is environmentally sustainable. The objective of the eco-label is to reduce the environmental impact of printed products throughout their lifespan. To be awarded the Nordic Swan label, a print product must meet strict requirements on paper, printing chemicals, emissions and waste, energy consumption, etc. The printing company must also have an effective policy for continuous environmental improvement.

We only use well-known and tested product brands in our processes. Advances in printing technology have replaced environmentally harmful chemicals with less environmentally damaging ones. All the papers we use are environmentally certified, the inks and chemicals are environmentally approved and the packaging of our products is made from packaging materials approved by environmental authorities.

Our investment in the latest production technology has further improved our quality while reducing energy consumption. We are also working to reduce energy consumption in our working environment by ensuring that our working environment is kept comfortable and clean. We also encourage and develop the skills and knowledge of our employees on issues relating to the environment and well-being at work.


The environment is important to us

Environmentally friendly printing from Waasa Graphics Oy. Our machinery, equipment and paper suppliers meet strict environmental requirements.

Our digital printing presses use food-safe inks. The inks have been tested and found to be food safe. Testing and certification was carried out by Smithers Pira.

Printing presses

Our production machines are Energy Star certified. They use very little energy compared to older models – up to 50% less. The printing inks used in them meet EU food packaging regulations and FDA regulations. So when you print your food packaging with us, you can rest assured.

Our offset printers use UV technology. UV technology offers many advantages, the most notable of which are energy, time and paper savings in the printing process. UV drying allows the ink to dry instantly and the printed sheet can be transferred directly to the finishing process without any drying time. There are also savings on the required additives compared to conventional offset technology.


Our printing papers come from suppliers whose products cover the entire papermaking process, from forest management to actual manufacturing. All our suppliers must have:

  • ISO 14001 or Eco – Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) or other recognised certification in the industry
  • Raw materials from sustainably managed forests (FSC, PEFC, CSA or SFI)